User Management Improvements

We’ve been listening to your requests for better user management tools, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve made improvements that will help school owners add, manage, and communicate with their users more efficiently!

Until now, it wasn’t possible to import users into your school (unless you had a High Volume plan and access to the Bulk Import tool), but now users on all plans can import students to their school—up to five students at a time! While the Bulk Import tool is available for school owners on the High Volume plan, we’ve also added a way for school owners to import students, authors, affiliates, and owners to their school with just a click of a button:

In addition to this, we’ve also divided the Users tab into four categories: Students, Authors, Affiliates, and Owners. This helps you easily search through your users and keep track of each user’s role in your school.

With these new changes, you can also now initiate bulk actions for students, authors, and affiliates. Available actions include the ability to delete users, enroll students in a course, and set commission, although available bulk actions differ depending on the user role.

Visit our Knowledge Base for more information.