Stored Credit Cards for myTeachable Student Accounts

Students are now able to store their credit card information in the Billing area of their myTeachable accounts. This will enable them to purchase any course on a myTeachable-enabled school without needing to re-enter their card information.

When a student purchases a course with a credit card, they can elect to save their credit card to their myTeachable account by checking Save my card for future purchase on the checkout page:

On the Billing page of a myTeachable profile, users can see billing information for any schools they own and schools they're enrolled in. They can also view their stored credit cards and add or remove cards.

When a user clicks Add a New Card, they'll be able to input the information in this modal:

If they would like to make a card the default option for any new schools they enroll in, they can do so by returning to Billing, clicking the three dots to the right of the card in question, and selecting Set Default Card for New Schools. This does not affect their default card or billing information on any existing schools.

This update will make it a more streamlined process for a student to purchase courses on any school using myTeachable accounts.

To learn more about student billing, see the Knowledge Base.