New student checkout page

Redesigns to the course checkout flow on myTeachable-enabled schools allow students to create an account and pay for the course in a more streamlined process. The new design centers around your school’s branding rather than Teachable’s, reducing confusion for students by presenting your course front-and-center during the account creation process.

The first step is the signup screen:

The second step is payment:

Once the student completes account creation and payment, they will be sent a new, school-branded confirmation email, which by default looks like this:

The template for this email, named myTeachable Confirmation Instructions Student Notification, is customizable inside Emails > Template Editor. The Template Editor is available on Basic plans and higher.

Furthermore, if you’re on the Professional plan or higher and would like to remove Teachable branding entirely from your signup and login pages, you can now do so via a toggle in Settings > General > School by first toggling on Remove Teachable Branding:

This secondary auth pages toggle only appears once you’ve first turned on the primary Remove Teachable Branding toggle.

To learn more about your students’ checkout experience, see Payment Options for Students in the Knowledge Base.