iOS App Update: Only Free Courses Can Be Viewed Through The App

Unfortunately, this update is about a loss of functionality rather than a new feature.

Apple has contacted our developers about the Teachable iOS app to let us know that the app doesn't meet a new App Store requirement. Specifically, they require the use of in-app purchases for paid content.

In other words, by allowing students to purchase courses through Teachable online, and not through in-app purchases, the Teachable iOS app is violating the App Store guidelines.

While we could allow in-app purchases, we believe that doing so will compromise the freedom we strive to give our school owners. This is because, in order to enable in-app purchases, we would have to concede the following points:

  • Apple would take a 30% cut from any in-app purchases
  • School owners would have no control over issuing refunds for in-app purchases
  • School owners would only be able to price their courses in limited options on the app
  • Billing information collected via in-app purchases would be unavailable to school owners
  • Coupons would be unavailable for use on the Teachable iOS app

Given the circumstances, we've chosen to only display free content (free courses) on the Teachable iOS app.

We've decided to do this rather than the alternatives of (A) removing the Teachable iOS app from the App Store completely or (B) releasing a product that removes personal control from school owners.

We're deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Rest assured that we are continuously exploring other options to provide a complete mobile experience to our users.