Custom/Bulk Email Sender Domain

Recently, email providers (e.g. Microsoft, Gmail, et al) have made efforts to reduce spam emails. Unfortunately, these changes resulted in some Teachable-sent emails being marked as spam.

To improve email deliverability, we've changed the from_email (i.e. the email address from which your emails are sent) for custom emails to [email protected]. This will ensure that email providers are marking your emails as being sent from a trusted source.

The name and look of your emails in the recipients inbox will not change. Any email template customizations of branding you've set up will stay the same.

Additionally, we've added a reply-to field that will list the email address specified in your school's General Settings. This will allow your student to directly reply to the emails you've sent.


With these changes we hope to see email deliverability rates improve across the platform. We know that engaging with your students is important, so we want to make sure that your messages are getting across.

For more information, check out our Knowledge Base.