Course-Level Affiliate Permissions

One of the most common requests regarding the Teachable affiliate program has been a way to control which courses an affiliate may promote. Today, that’s exactly what we’re introducing.

With the new course-level affiliate permissions, school owners are allowed to decide whether an affiliate can receive a commission for driving sales to all courses on the school, or to certain courses only. This is controlled on the level of each individual affiliate, so you can allow different affiliates to promote different courses if you choose.

To adjust an affiliate’s course permission settings, visit your admin area, navigate to Users, and locate the affiliate’s user profile. From there, click the Affiliate tab and scroll to the new Course Restrictions heading.

If you want to continue allowing an affiliate to receive a commission for all your courses, no further action is required. If you want to choose which courses an affiliate may receive credit for, check the box labeled Restrict commission to specific courses.

Now, you can go through the list of courses on your school. If you want that affiliate to receive commission for a course, make sure the Commissions Enabled toggle is turned on for that course. You’ll see a teal checkmark when it’s on, and a gray X when it’s off.

Once you’ve set these permissions, affiliates will receive credit for only the courses you’ve marked, rather than for all courses on your school. You can return to their profile at any time to add or remove courses from their permissions list. Affiliates can always see their list of eligible courses in their dashboard, but it’s also helpful to let them know directly when you make a change.

For more information on setting up affiliates, take a look at our Knowledge Base.