Course Compliance

As a school owner, it can be difficult to determine if your students are fully comprehending and engaging with course content. While you can use progress reports to view video engagement, quiz scores, and lecture progress, until now, there hasn’t been a way for you to ensure that students achieve certain milestones before progressing through a course.

For example, you may want your students to pass a final quiz before allowing them to move on to the next lecture. Or, you may want your students to view lectures only in sequential order.

However, with Course Compliance (available on the Professional plan and up), you can set the following requirements for your course:

  • Students must watch each lecture video before progressing to the next lecture.
  • Student must complete lectures in sequential order (as they appear in the course curriculum).
  • Student must achieve a passing grade on a quiz within a set number of retakes.

To enable Course Compliance settings, head to the Information > Course Compliance section of your course admin area. Then, select any of the following settings: Enforce Video Watching, Enforce Lecture Completion, and Enforce Graded Quiz Completion.

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