Certain schools can now disable myTeachable

School owners with under 100 students can choose to disable myTeachable for their school users after it has been enabled. This option is available under Teachable Accounts in the Settings > Labs area for schools on the Basic plan and up.

We advise against using this option, or doing so with caution. Particularly if you have had myTeachable enabled for some time on your school, disabling it will cause problems with students who have been accessing your courses through myTeachable accounts.

Issues that may arise for students include:

  • Your school will no longer show up in their myTeachable dashboard.
  • Students who currently have myTeachable accounts will keep the same account password when logging into your school.
  • If a student is in the middle of a purchase on your school when you disable myTeachable, the purchase will most likely not go through.

If you decide to disable myTeachable, we recommend telling your students several pieces of information beforehand:

  • That your school will no longer be accessible from their myTeachable dashboard.
  • That they can still log into your school using their myTeachable username and password, but they must go directly to your school’s website to do so.
  • That if they change their password or account details for your school, it applies only to your school--not myTeachable or any other Teachable-powered schools.

Disabling myTeachable accounts is not available to schools with over 100 students, as it has the potential to disrupt access and cause confusion for too many of your students.

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket to Customer Care by following this process from your myTeachable help center: (1) select your school, (2) click Need More Assistance? at the bottom, (3) fill out the required form information, and (4) click Submit Ticket.

You can learn more about enabling and disabling myTeachable on your school here.