Mobile Pay

When it comes to selling your courses, we know how essential a simple checkout flow is for conversions. That's why we're excited to announce that Apple Pay® and Google Pay™ are now available for all Teachable-powered schools using Teachable Payments or the Monthly Payment Gateway.


Read our blog for more information on how mobile pay can benefit your school, or check out our Knowledge Base for more information on course payment options.

Apple, Apple Pay, Touch ID, and Face ID are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions. Google and the Google Pay are trademarks of Google LLC.

Export Payouts CSV

School owners can now export a CSV file of their Teachable Payment payouts to their email address by going to Sales > Payouts and clicking the Export CSV button in the top-right corner.


VAT IDs in Transaction CSVs

We've added a column to transaction CSVs that lists the user's inputted VAT ID—if applicable.


You can export a CSV of your transactions by going to Sales > Transactions and clicking the Export CSV button in the top-right corner.

For more information about VAT on Teachable, take a look at this Knowledge Base article.

Custom Text for Email Receipts

In April, we released a new email template for the receipts your students receive upon purchasing a course.

To make those receipts more accessible for schools in a language other than English, you can now modify some of the text fields using Custom Text.


More information on custom text here.

Help Center in Admin

We're excited to announce the release of our in-app Help Center! Now, directly in all of your school's admin pages, you can search and view Knowledge Base articles. The Help Center will also suggest Knowledge Base articles based on the page you are currently viewing:


Need a little extra help? You can also reach out to our support team directly from the Help Center!

Payouts Breakdown

If you’re using Teachable Payments to accept and process credit or debit card transactions for your school, you can now access more information about your payouts in the Sales > Payouts section of your school admin.


In Payouts, you can view all of the transactions included or deducted from your payouts. This includes earnings, unlocked reserves, refunds, and chargebacks. You can also track the status of your payouts and sort through transactions using a variety of filters.


By providing more details about your Teachable Payments payouts, we hope to make tracking and accounting for your payouts an easier process for your business.

To learn more about the Payouts Breakdown, see our Knowledge Base here:

Teachable Payments

Student Purchase Receipt Template

To help you in situations where you may be required to submit the EU’s value-added tax (VAT), we’re introducing a new email template for the receipts your students receive upon purchasing a course.

The information that appears on the receipt depends on your payment gateway and whether or not you have BackOffice enabled.

For example, if you use one of Teachable’s payment gateways (the Monthly Payment Gateway or Teachable Payments) and you’ve opted-in to BackOffice—Teachable’s name, address, and VAT ID will appear on student receipts:

TP MPG BO VAT invoice.png

Alternatively, if you do not opt-in to BackOffice or are using custom payment gateways (and are therefore responsible for filing and remitting VAT), then your school’s billing address and VAT ID (if applicable) will automatically appear on student receipts:

CPG No BO receipt.png

If you're on the Basic plan and up, then you can preview the Receipt template in the Emails > Template Editor section of your school admin. To open the template, select Students > Receipt from the Select a Template drop-down menu. Once you've opened the template, click the Preview button to view how the template will appear to your students.


For more information, check out our Knowledge Base:

Email Templates

VAT on Teachable

Student Receipts

Certificates of Completion Editor

Since we released certificates of completion last June, we've seen school owners on the Professional plan and higher create thousands of certificates for their students.

In an effort to make creating new certificates as easy as possible, we've revamped our certificate editor and made it better than ever.

Now, whenever you make a change to anything on your certificate, you'll see a live, real-time preview of your certificate on the same screen. This will be the case whether you're using a default certificate template, or a custom certificate built with Liquid/HTML.

For more information on the certificates editor, take a look at this Knowledge Base article.

VAT ID Field

In an effort to address the EU's value-added tax (VAT) requirements, we'll soon be making changes to the receipts your students receive upon purchase. In anticipation of these changes, you now have the option of inputting your VAT ID in the Settings > Taxes section of your school admin.

Initial purchase receipts can be modified in the Emails > Template Editor > Students > New Enrollment section of your school admin.


To learn more about VAT on Teachable, check out our Knowledge Base:

VAT on Teachable

Custom/Bulk Email Sender Domain

Recently, email providers (e.g. Microsoft, Gmail, et al) have made efforts to reduce spam emails. Unfortunately, these changes resulted in some Teachable-sent emails being marked as spam.

To improve email deliverability, we've changed the from_email (i.e. the email address from which your emails are sent) for custom emails to [email protected]. This will ensure that email providers are marking your emails as being sent from a trusted source.

The name and look of your emails in the recipients inbox will not change. Any email template customizations of branding you've set up will stay the same.

Additionally, we've added a reply-to field that will list the email address specified in your school's General Settings. This will allow your student to directly reply to the emails you've sent.


With these changes we hope to see email deliverability rates improve across the platform. We know that engaging with your students is important, so we want to make sure that your messages are getting across.

For more information, check out our Knowledge Base.

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