Teachable changelog
Teachable changelog

Email Lead Form Updates





We have made a few updates to the email lead form feature.

  • Leads can now be deleted. To delete a lead from your Users > Leads list, click the Delete icon next to their email address.
  • School owners can disable the double-opt in email for leads. This confirmation email for leads can now be toggled on or off in the Emails > Settings tab. If disabled, a lead will be added to your Users > Leads list once they complete the email lead form on your page.
  • School owners can add a consent checkbox to their email lead forms. If a school owner adds a checkbox to their email lead form, leads will not be able to submit the form unless they check the box.

For more information on the email leads feature, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Order Bumps





We’ve added a new order bumps feature. This feature provides creators with an opportunity to increase their overall revenue per purchase by offering complementary products directly on a course’s checkout page.

main product vs order bump.png

Previously, school owners could create upsell offers on their thank you pages or within course lectures. Now, school owners have the option to create an offer directly on their checkout pages, and customers are not required to make a separate purchase.

For more information on this feature, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Circle.so Community Integration





We’ve added a new integration with https://circle.so/. Circle.so is a community platform that allows creators to engage and interact with their students and clients through the use of discussion forums and private group spaces.

With this integration, you will be able to set up single sign-on (SSO) between Teachable and Circle.so. This means that your Teachable students and clients will not need a separate account or login credentials to access your Circle.so community space—they can automatically access the Circle.so community from their Teachable account.


For more information about the Circle.so integration, you can check out this Knowledge Base article.

Zapier “Unenroll Student from Course” Updates





We’ve updated the “Unenroll Student from Course” action available in Zapier.

This action now uses student email addresses, rather than requiring the input of a student ID number.

Previously, the “Unenroll Student from Course” action required the input of a student ID number to trigger. This required users to add an extra “Find Student in Teachable” step in their zaps. Now, the “Unenroll Student from Course” action allows for the input of a student email variable directly. This reduces the number of steps required to set up this zap.

zapier - unenroll from course .gif

We’ve also removed the “Student” search column from the dropdown of the action setup menu because if a creator were to choose a single student within the list, it would only take action on that single student. Now, creators will select a custom field which will automatically identify the email of the student.

Creators successfully using the previous version of this Zapier will not see any change. The name of the action will be noted as “Legacy” within Zapier.

For more information on using Zapier with Teachable, please check out this Knowledge Base article.

Create 25 Sales Pages Per Course





You can now create up to 25 different sales pages per course. Previously, you could only have up to ten sales pages per course.

This change allows creators to experiment with different sales page designs and provides increased flexibility in how you choose to market your products.

You can add additional sales pages from the courses’s Pages menu by clicking the Add New Sales Page button. If you have access to our 1.0 editor, please note that any new page will be created and edited by the 2.0 editor.

add new sales page.png

For more information on creating and managing your product pages, check out this Knowledge Base article.

URL Links in Lecture Comments





When a user puts a URL in a lecture comment, the URL will now automatically become a link. Previously, URLs in lecture comments displayed as plain text. This improvement will help students and instructors share resources more effectively.

url lecture comment.gif

For more information on course lecture comments, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Teachable Now Collects Sales Tax in Maryland





If you’re using Teachable Payments or Monthly Payment Gateway, Teachable will automatically calculate, collect, and remit Maryland sales tax on the sales of your content to students located in Maryland, if applicable.

More information on sales tax can be found in this KB.

Course Design Templates





We’ve added a course design templates feature, which allows creators to change the look and feel of their course overview page. The course overview page is the first page students see when they view their courses. This page contains a curriculum outline and other course details, such as the course author and current student course progress.

This feature introduces two new course design template options—the Simple and Colossal templates. Previously, all Teachable courses used the Teachable Classic design template. You can find this new feature under the Design Templates tab in any of your courses.

We have also released a few visual improvements to the lecture player page for all templates, which includes updated buttons, new icons, and improved typography and spacing.

design templates- changelog.gif

For more information on the new course design templates and how to activate different course design templates for your courses, please review this Knowledge Base article.

Featured Products Block Update





The Featured Products block now allows you to include both courses and coaching products in the same block. Previously, you could only include one product type per block. This makes it easier to highlight multiple product types on your pages.

All existing Featured Products blocks have been updated to allow for this capability, so you will not need to create a new block to unlock this feature.

featured products.gif

The Featured Products block is only available on Page Editor 2.0. For more information on working with the Featured Products block, please see this Knowledge Base article.

Course Icon Updates





We’ve updated various icons that appear across your course.

The icons next to each lecture indicate what type of file or media is in the lecture. We’ve also updated the icons for different tabs across your course overview page—including the icons for certificates, instructor bio, and included courses.

icons- new.png

If you have added custom CSS to your school to edit these icons, or have made changes to the icons via the power editor, please be aware that you might need to update your custom code to reflect these changes.