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Updated Signup/Login Page Design


Changes to signup and login pages include updated visual designs, as well as new navigation options making it more intuitive for students to choose which account to use.

When users are first signing up to a myTeachable-enabled school, they'll now be asked to agree to both Teachable's and your school's terms of use and privacy policies, so you can customize your own terms. At the bottom of the signup form, they'll also be given the choice to log in with an existing school account or with a myTeachable account.

The login page is similar, but adds the option to create an account if they don't have one yet.

On either page, if they click Log In with myTeachable, they'll be brought here:

When they use this form, a school account will be created and connected to their myTeachable account, so they can access the school from their myTeachable student dashboard.

Learn more about how students can access your school through myTeachable here.

New Signup reCAPTCHA Toggle


If you've ever experienced spam enrollments, you know how frustrating it can be.

Adding a reCAPTCHA to your signup page means an extra layer of security for your school, enabling you to weed out the bots and only accept enrollments from actual (human) students.

Enabling the signup reCAPTCHA is optional. To do so, locate the Add signup reCAPTCHA toggle in Settings > General > School.

When the toggle is turned on, students signing up to your school for the first time will be asked to choose images that match a text prompt (e.g. select all pictures with a mountain). If they are already signed into a Google account, the image selection step is not required.

If they are unsuccessful, an error message will appear prompting them to try again. They can attempt it until they are successful.

Editable Blog Sidebar Custom Text


This small fix allows you to customize the "About" text string on the sidebar of your blog. On the front end, that text is visible here:

To change or translate this text, go to Site > Custom Text and scroll down to the Blog section (or use the Find function). The new text string is about.

Learn more about custom text in the Knowledge Base.

Customizable Checkout Sidebar Elements


You can now customize your course checkout pages by going to the new Checkout Page editor in your course admin sidebar. Checkout page customizations are unique to each course.

The following sidebar elements are customizable:

  • 1-2 testimonials, where you can add social proof (photos are optional)
  • Up to 5 bullet points, where you can add additional course information, compelling reasons to buy, reminders of special perks, or whatever you like
  • 1 course guarantee badge (choose one of ours or upload your own!)

Note: it is not required for school owners to customize their checkout page. If you do not add customizations, it will look like this:

If you add all the sidebar elements, the final checkout page will appear to students like this:

You can also choose to only add some of the sidebar elements. Do whatever works best for your course and audience!

Learn more about customizing your checkout page in the Knowledge Base.

Error messages on checkout and login pages now editable


Default checkout and login error messages are now editable in Site > Custom Text.

Most importantly, this will enable instructors who have schools in other languages to translate those messages along with other areas of their site. It will also give you the ability to provide more details to your students if desired, or simply customize the message to your liking.

This update allows you to modify the following:

  • myTeachable signup error messages:

  • Non-myTeachable signup error messages:

  • Email already taken messages:

The new strings in Custom Text are:

  • error_message_header
  • email_already_used
  • password_too_short
  • password_confirmation_mismatch

You can use the Find function to locate each string. Learn more about using custom text on your Teachable school here.

Quizzes now available on our iOS app


Quizzes are now available on our iOS app. Students who enter the quiz will see each question one by one:

They’ll be able to select an answer (which won’t be recorded until they click the Submit button):

After submitting their answer, they’ll see whether their selection was right (green check mark) or wrong (red X), and be able to continue to the next question.

Once they reach the end, they’ll see their score and be able to return to the lecture.

Learn more about Teachable's iOS app here.

New unenroll-user Zapier action


A new Teachable action on Zapier allows you to unenroll students from your courses.

This action will allow you to have more control over how students consume your content--whether you want to make one-day free trials available or use it in a different way. Keep an eye on our blog for a post teaching you one cool way to implement this action!

New auto-play and auto-advance toggles in Settings


New toggles in Settings > General allow you to decide whether to auto-play the first video when students enter a lecture, and/or auto-complete the lecture when students finish the final video.

Toggling these settings ON will cause the automatic actions to happen. By default, for existing schools both of the toggles are off.

For new schools, autoplay is turned on by default while autocomplete will be turned off by default.

Any schools that used custom code to autoplay videos or auto-complete lectures before this update should remove that code now so it does not interfere with the new function.

Authors can upload video captions


We’ve fixed a bug that was preventing authors from being able to upload video captions. Going forward, they can upload captions for their lecture videos just like owners can. The captions feature is available for schools on the Basic plan and up, as well as the ability to add authors.

See more about uploading video captions in the Knowledge Base.

Customize the Enroll Now button inside homepage editor


The homepage enroll button can now be edited directly within the homepage block editor, inside the Homepage Hero Header block where you add the background.

In this area, you can customize the text and the URL of the button, as well as turn the “Show Button” toggle on or off to remove or reinstate the enroll button.

Other buttons across your site are editable inside the Site > Custom Text area. Learn more about using custom text in the Knowledge Base.

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