Unrecognized Device Notification

The security of our users is a huge priority here at Teachable— in an effort to enhance the security of our platform, we'll now be sending a notification via email to school owners, authors, affiliates, and custom users when an unrecognized device has been used to login to their account.


We hope that by notifying users when a login attempt has been made on a device that we don't recognize, users will be able to better manage and safeguard the security of their Teachable accounts.

For further information about new device confirmations, please refer to our Knowledge Base here:

Logging Into Your Teachable School

Custom User Roles

We’re thrilled to introduce a new feature for our Business plan users—custom user roles! With custom user roles, your users can access Teachable with varying levels of site permissions. You can even give each custom role a name (e.g. “Customer Service” or “Assistant”) to help you organize your staff.


Custom user role permissions include the ability to:

  • View Financial Information
  • Issue Purchase Refunds
  • View Course Reporting

…and more!

It’s easy to enable, modify, or revoke these permissions in your school's admin page.

For more information about creating custom users in your school, refer to our Knowledge Base:

Creating a Custom User Role

Certificates of Completion

As a school owner, you may want to reward your students for completing your course. Teachable is excited to announce that our new Certificates of Completion feature is now available for schools on the Professional plan and higher!

By navigating to the Certificates page for any of your courses, you can create a new certificate of completion by using 1 of 3 templates. Similarly, you can use Liquid and/or HTML to customize your own certificate.


While you can create as many certificates as you'd like, you can only have one active certificate at a time. The active certificate will automatically be issued to your students upon completion of your course.

Once created, whenever a student completes your course they will be shown a serialized certificate of completion!


For more information, please take a look at this Knowledge Base article.

VAT Inclusive Pricing

We’ve heard from our school owners that EU users aren’t used to seeing VAT added on top of the price of a digital good. While we always confirm VAT rates for each transaction processed in a Teachable school (and allow users to enter a VAT ID on the checkout page), now school owners have the option to display prices across their school with VAT included. You can enable VAT inclusive pricing in the Settings > Taxes section of your school admin:


This means that any user located in the EU will see the price of the course on the sales page (and your school’s course directory) combined with their country’s VAT rate before checking out.

While prices on the sales page and course directory will automatically include VAT (if VAT inclusive pricing is enabled), there’ll be no extra messaging cluttering up your sales page. There’ll also be no change to the checkout page itself; in other words, students will still see a full breakdown of the transaction (course price + VAT rate, if applicable) and they’ll still have the option to add a VAT ID.


For example, in the past, a student from Germany would navigate to the course sales page and see the course priced as $80. Then, they would click the enroll button and be directed to the checkout page, where they would see an additional charge of $15.20 for VAT. They would then need to confirm $95.20 as the total price of the course, including their VAT rate before being charged.


However, now a student from Germany would see this total charge on the sales page; so, they will see $95.20 as the total price of the course. After clicking the enroll button, they’ll be taken to the checkout page, where they’ll see the total price broken down into the price of the course ($80) plus the appropriate VAT rate ($15.20).


For previously existing schools, you’ll need to enable VAT inclusive pricing. For newly created schools, this option will be enabled by default. For more information about how to enable VAT inclusive pricing, refer to our Knowledge Base.

New Lecture Editor Features

We’re introducing some exciting new improvements to our lecture editor features, including a revamped text editor and a new code block that can directly implement or display code into a lecture.

Previously, you had to switch to HTML mode in the rich text editor to implement HTML code in your lectures. Now, you can use the Add Code tab to insert code into a lecture. You can also toggle on the Display Source Code setting to display source code in your lectures, which is particularly helpful for school owners who teach coding or programming.

We’ve also improved the way our formatting features work in the text editor—features such as bold, italic, clear formatting, embed image, and apply pre-formatted header styles.

Updated 5/8/18: By default, the new beta version of the text editor will display in the lecture editor. However, to ensure that schools continue to run as seamlessly as possible, you can now toggle off the beta version and revert to the old text editor by switching off the Beta toggle.


For more information about how to add text and code to your lectures, please refer to our Knowledge Base.

Adding and Rearranging Content in Your Lectures

Beta Program

At Teachable, our team works hard to come up with features that will help instructors make great schools. However, we think that having extra sets of eyes on new features isn't such a bad idea. That's why we're excited to announce that Teachable is starting a beta program that will be available to all school owners on a paid plan (Basic plan and up).

As a member of the beta program, you'll have early access to newly developed features. Keep in mind that these features are still in development, and as a result, they may not work as seamlessly as they will once fully released.

To opt into the beta program, log in to your school and then navigate to Admin > Settings > Beta Program. Once there, read over the guidelines, and then check the box to indicate that you've read and agree to adhere to them. Afterwards, click the Enable Beta Program button.


Once opted in to the beta program, you'll see the following banner at the top of the page of any feature in beta:


You can opt out of the beta program at anytime by going to the Beta Program page in your school settings and clicking Disable Beta Program.

For more information on the Beta Program, take a look at our Knowledge Base.

Paid Courses Back on the iOS App

Last month, Apple contacted our developers to let us know that the Teachable iOS app was not compliant with the App Store guidelines, and as a result, paid courses had to be pulled from the app.

However, after continued correspondence and collaboration with Apple, the Teachable iOS app was deemed to be within the App Store guidelines in its current iteration. This means that all course content—both paid and free—is once again available on the Teachable iOS app.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time, and as always, if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us!

User Management Improvements

We’ve been listening to your requests for better user management tools, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve made improvements that will help school owners add, manage, and communicate with their users more efficiently!

Until now, it wasn’t possible to import users into your school (unless you had a High Volume plan and access to the Bulk Import tool), but now users on all plans can import students to their school—up to five students at a time! While the Bulk Import tool is available for school owners on the High Volume plan, we’ve also added a way for school owners to import students, authors, affiliates, and owners to their school with just a click of a button:

In addition to this, we’ve also divided the Users tab into four categories: Students, Authors, Affiliates, and Owners. This helps you easily search through your users and keep track of each user’s role in your school.

With these new changes, you can also now initiate bulk actions for students, authors, and affiliates. Available actions include the ability to delete users, enroll students in a course, and set commission, although available bulk actions differ depending on the user role.

Visit our Knowledge Base for more information.

iOS App Update: Only Free Courses Can Be Viewed Through The App

Unfortunately, this update is about a loss of functionality rather than a new feature.

Apple has contacted our developers about the Teachable iOS app to let us know that the app doesn't meet a new App Store requirement. Specifically, they require the use of in-app purchases for paid content.

In other words, by allowing students to purchase courses through Teachable online, and not through in-app purchases, the Teachable iOS app is violating the App Store guidelines.

While we could allow in-app purchases, we believe that doing so will compromise the freedom we strive to give our school owners. This is because, in order to enable in-app purchases, we would have to concede the following points:

  • Apple would take a 30% cut from any in-app purchases
  • School owners would have no control over issuing refunds for in-app purchases
  • School owners would only be able to price their courses in limited options on the app
  • Billing information collected via in-app purchases would be unavailable to school owners
  • Coupons would be unavailable for use on the Teachable iOS app

Given the circumstances, we've chosen to only display free content (free courses) on the Teachable iOS app.

We've decided to do this rather than the alternatives of (A) removing the Teachable iOS app from the App Store completely or (B) releasing a product that removes personal control from school owners.

We're deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Rest assured that we are continuously exploring other options to provide a complete mobile experience to our users.

Linking Directly to Your Course's Checkout Page

As a school owner, there may be instances when you want to directly link someone to your course's checkout page. Now you can do quickly do so by going to Admin > Course > Pricing, finding the correct pricing plan you want to show, and clicking the Copy button in the Purchase URL column.

Doing so will automatically copy the URL of your course's checkout page with the relevant pricing plan—which you can use to direct individuals directly to the checkout page.

Similarly, when you edit a pricing plan, you'll be shown the direct checkout URL.

For more information, take a look at the Knowledge Base.

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